Local History - Blitzed! A World War Two Experience

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KS2: History, Local History

Discovery Local History - Blitzed! A World War Two Experience


Until 20 July 2018

Booking Information

Workshop length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Maximum number of children: 30

Charge per workshop: £90

Alternatively Discovery Museum offers a shorter gallery tour focussing on Wartime Tyneside. Follow this link for more information.

Support your museum visit in school by booking one of our Boxes of Delight. For this workshop we would suggest booking a WW2 box but others are available. . To enquire about booking a box visit the Boxes of Delight web page by clicking here.

*Please note that from November 2016 the Soldiers Life Gallery will be closed for renovation until Summer 2017.*

Workshop Summary

Travel back in time and discover what life was like for evacuated children and their families in World War II. On the tour the group will look at a large map of the river Tyne and try and find out why this area was targeted by German bombers. They will see how the government tried to protect the people of the North East with the use of air raid shelters and gas masks. The group will then be set a practical object handling task to try and work out what our mystery World War II objects were used for.

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