Colourful Discoveries

Step into a world of colour. Discover fascinating objects from across Discovery Museum's wonderful collections through a kaleidoscope of activities, experiments and activities.

Colourful Discoveries

Starting on the 26th October we will be releasing a rainbow of colourful activities for you to try at home. Come back soon to start your colourful discovery. 


Fun fact: Red is one of the oldest colours used in art and can be seen in ancient cave paintings.

Activities arriving 26th October


Fun fact: In the western world the colour orange was referred to as yellow-red until the fruit was introduced to Europe in the late 15th century.

Activities arriving 31st October


Fun fact: The colour of gold was first created from clay pigments

Activities arriving 7th November


Fun fact: Shakespeare made it the colour of jealousy when he coined the phrase ‘green-eyed monster’

Activities arriving 14th November


Fun fact: Blue is the world’s most popular colour

Activities arriving 21st November


Fun fact: Until 1856 purple was the most expensive colour to produce

Activities arriving 28th November