Virtual Discovery Museum Uniformed Event

Calling all Beavers, Rainbows, Cubs, and Brownies!



Saturday 28 November

Visitor information


  • Tonoscope craft along- 9.30-10.15pm  Book Here
  • Boxes of Delight: A History Mystery- 10.45-11.30pm Book Here
  • Camera Obscura- the science of light-12.30-1.15pm Book Here 
  • Puppetry workshop with Laura Sharpe- 1.30-3.00pm Book Here

To book all activities click here


£9.50* for all activities

£2-£2.50* per single activity

£1.70* per badge

*Booking fee applies.

Activities are virtual and will take place via zoom

If you have any questions or would like any further information then please contact the learning team by  emailing


We are going to miss having lots of Rainbows, Brownies, Cubs and Beavers at the Discovery Museum this November. Since we can’t see you all at the museum for our Uniformed Event, we wanted to bring the celebrations to your home. Join us for a day of activities to help you work towards interest badges.  

We have a create a timetable of exciting events. Events can be booked as a full day of activity or you can pick and choose which events you would like to join in with. We will also have a Discovery Museum badge available to purchase. 

Why not try out some of our activities? We have linked these activities to the badges you can earn in your group.  


Virtual Discovery Museum Uniformed Event: All activities 


£9.50 (including a badge) 

Take part in a full day of activities including: 

  • Tonoscope craft along- the science of sound- 9.30-10.15pm 
  • Boxes of Delight: A History Mystery- 10.45-11.30pm 
  • Camera Obscura- the science of light- 12.30-1.15pm
  • Puppetry workshop with Laura Sharpe- 1.30-3.00pm
  • Discovery Museum badge to show you have taken part

Materials required (not provided)paper cup, balloon, paper straw, masking tape, salt, paper, Newspaper, tape, toilet roll tube, tin foil, cocktail stick or needle, greaseproof paper, coloured paper and some crafty bits to decorate (whatever materials you have: pens, recycling, feathers, pompoms). 

Book Here  

Tonoscope craft along 



Materials required (not provided)paper cup, balloon, paper straw, masking tape, salt 

Explore the science of sound with the Unlock our Sound Heritage Project. Create your very own tonoscope and learn how sound travels.  

Book Here   

Boxes of Delight: A History Mystery 



Join Cath from Boxes of Delight to see if you have the skills need to solve a mystery. What clues can you spot? 

Book Here  

Camera Obscura craft along 



Materials required (not provided)Toilet roll tube, tin foil, cocktail stick or needle, greaseproof paper, tape, coloured paper. 

Join the Discovery Learning team to learn all about light and create your very own camera obscura! Learn how light travels and see the world upside down.  

Book Here 

Puppetry workshop with Laura Sharpe 



Materials required (not provided)Newspaper, tape and some crafty bits to decorate (whatever materials you have: pens, recycling, feathers, pompoms) 

Join Laura Sharpe to play games, learn about different forms of puppetry and make your very own puppet! Laura will teach you how to bring it to life ready for a group lip sync performance.  

Book Here 

Discovery Museum fabric patch 

£1 + 70p postage 

Why not buy a Discovery Museum badge to show that you have taken part in our event. Perfect for sewing onto camp blankets! 

Badges will be posted out after the event.  

Badges are available to buy on booking