Science Works 2021

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Monday 21 June - Friday 25 June

Monday 28 June - Friday 2 July

Monday 5 July - Tuesday 6 July

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21st June- Tuesday 6th July

1 class space remaining on 5th July

Charge: £150 per group 

1 class per group 

Arrival at the museum: 9.45-10.00 am 

Session times: 10.00 am - 2.30 pm 

Please book early to avoid disappointment. 

Workshop Summary

Discovery Museum welcomes schools back for an exciting full day of science, technology, and engineering investigation. 

Over the course of the day, attendees will take part in three STEM workshops and enjoy self-led time around the museum. Students will also receive an activity pack to take away with them.  

Workshops will include: 

  • 45 minutes- Levers, Gears + Pulleys- Investigate how pulleys and gears allow a smaller force to have a greater effect by exploring the Discovery Museum collection and inventing simple machines.  
  • 45 minutes- Steam to Green- Learn about and experiment with renewable and non-renewable energy sources used on Earth and how they have changed over time.  
  • 90 minutes- Hovercraft Challenge- Investigate circuits, by amazed by aerodynamics and develop your understanding of engineering principles. Students will start small and work up to building a hovercraft to carry a person across the Discovery Museum Great Hall!  

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have made changes to how we run our school events. We want to ensure you're as safe as possible. You'll find: 

  • Fewer school groups in the museum (maximum of two classes) 
  • You won't be sharing spaces with anyone but those within your class 
  • Spaces and any shared equipment will be cleaned and sanitized between each session 
  • Current face-covering regulations will apply to all sessions 
  • Our staff will maintain social distancing (if applicable), but will still be there if you have any questions 

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