Local History - Bridges of the River Tyne tour

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KS1, KS2 & KS3: History

Discovery Local History - Bridges of the River Tyne tour


Until 19 July 2019

Booking Information

Tour length: 1 hour

Maximum number of children: 30

Charge per class: £60

Groups can follow up the tour by downloading a bridges worksheet or resources on ships and boats as part of a wider rivers topic to complete in the museum.

Follow this link to download the bridges worksheet or boats and ships resource.

The Museum also offers a longer Bridge Building session which includes a construction challenge. You can find out more about this workshop if you follow this link.

Tour Summary

In this interactive gallery tour groups will cover 2000 years of history from the first bridge that was built over the river by the Romans. Groups will learn how bridges like the Swing Bridge played an important role in shaping the city’s heritage and how the Tyne has acted as the life blood of the region. This tour is great for supporting topic work focusing on rivers and their impact on the surrounding area.

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