Inventions of World War One

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KS2 & KS3: Cross-Curricular, Design & Technology, History, Local History, Science, STEM

Discovery Great war Innovation


Until 20 July 2018

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Tour (without Investigations) £75 Duration : 45min – 1hr

Full Workshop £90 Duration : 1 Hour 30 mins

Workshop Summary

It is often said that war and innovation go hand in hand. There are many technologies and advancements that can occur when war breaks out. World War 1 was no exception. Many innovations in transport, weaponry and medicine took place during the Great War, and even some inventions you wouldn’t expect.

We will take you of a tour of Discovery Museum’s diverse collections exploring a wide range of technologies used during WW1 and we will explore how these related to the Western and Home fronts.

For those schools booking the full workshop they will then have the opportunity to complete group investigations linked to a technology from WW1. The investigations available are; learn how to create either a simple circuit and make a Morse code handset or a trench periscope.Please state clearly which investigation is required when booking (please add to the special requirements box if enquiring online)

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