Great Fire Week 2024

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Monday 7 October - Thursday 10 October

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Museum Arrival Time: 10am

Sessions begin: 10.15am

Sessions end: 2:15pm

Museum Departure Time: 2.30pm


Monday 7th October - Fully Booked.

Tuesday 8th October - Fully Booked.

Wednesday 9th October - unavailable.

Thursday 10th October - Fully Booked. 

Friday 11th October - unavailable.

Charge per class for the day: £180

Maximum number of students: 32

When placing your booking please let us know about any access to learning requirements for your group.

Event Summary

"On the 6th October 1854 a fire broke out at Wilsons worstead wool factory on the Gateshead side of the river"

Join the Discovery Museum Learning Team for a day of special workshops and activities to learn about the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead. 

On the 170th Anniversary week of the Great Fire we will be learning all about this local history event with a day's worth of special sessions for schools. 

By examining objects and archival materials, students will discover what happened and how this fire became just so great. Sessions will include creative writing, drama and actions to retell the story. 

Students will also gain an understanding of what it would have been like to live in Newcastle and Gateshead during the Victorian era at the time of the fire. 

Over the course of the day students will take part in 3 hour long sessions. The day will look something like this: 

10am: Arrive at the museum

10:15-11:15am: Session 1

11:15-12:15pm: Session 2

12:15-1pm: Lunch 

1:15-2:15pm: Session 3

2.30pm: Leave the museum

Support your museum visit in school by booking the Boxes of Delight Great Fire box. Please note that our loans boxes are in high demand and will need to be booked in advance.

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